Of course I suppose I might be done now if I were not easily distracted by girls and parties, but I really do not expect to become immune to girls. Now I actually have a girl that seems to wants me to do good in school, she punishes me when I am lazy and rewards me when I work hard. She definitely knows how to motivate me. Tonight we went to see a lecture, something we do a lot. It was entitled the Evolution of Bitcoin and it was quite interesting. When it was over she talked to the lecturer, seeming not to agree with a lot of his points. He seemed to be intimidated by her intellect and it was hardly the first time I had seen the look. This is not the sort of girl you find standing on a corner very often. In truth she came to school about 18 months after me and it looks as though she may graduate in front of me.

There are already recruiters from big corporations that want to talk to her about taking a job, they do not even want to wait for her to finish here. I quickly realized that she was interested in me because I was good at what appears to be her one weakness intellectually. I have been trying to become an electrical engineer and she seems to realize that this is really hard. The people who are after her are largely from Wall Street and Silicon Valley. She writes things about Artificial Intelligence and does research on the topic, high level research of the sort that grabs the attention of these sort of people. The blockchain stuff is right in her power zone and it was not at all surprising that she could pick apart the lecturer.