Whenever I have a bit of spare time, I check the Bitcoin Era app to see how the bitcoin prices are doing. I’ve bought a bit of bitcoin over the years and have been able to make a decent profit from it. Since one of my friends had a birthday, I decided to use some of my bitcoin money to buy a gift for them. I was faced with a bit of a problem of figuring out what to get for my friend. I’ve gotten pretty much everything imaginable for him, from watches to technology to sports memorabilia.

I remembered that there was a service where people could pay for their favorite celebrities to send a video message to anyone. There is one particular athlete that my friend liked, so I decided to buy a video message from him. I wrote a funny message for the athlete to read, and he made the video and sent it to me. On the day of my friend’s birthday, I sent him the message and he loved it. He got a big laugh out of it, and saved it to his phone so he could take the video with him wherever he goes.

Last week I was hit with the news that the price of bitcoin had gone down again. It wasn’t that big of a deal to me because I’ve seen the prices fall a lot of times. No matter how low it gets, I don’t let the price get to me. I can hold on until the prices come back up again. Some people like to panic in these situations and will give away all of the bitcoin that they’ve bought, but they regret it when the prices go up again and they don’t have as much bitcoin in their wallets.