Month: September 2019

I Should Graduate in a Year

Of course I suppose I might be done now if I were not easily distracted by girls and parties, but I really do not expect to become immune to girls. Now I actually have a girl that seems to wants me to do good in school, she punishes me when I am lazy and rewards me when I work hard. She definitely knows how to motivate me. Tonight we went to see a lecture, something we do a lot. It was entitled the Evolution of Bitcoin and it was quite interesting. When it was over she talked to the lecturer, seeming not to agree with a lot of his points. He seemed to be intimidated by her intellect and it was hardly the first time I had seen the look. This is not the sort of girl you find standing on a corner very often. Continue reading

Market Prices Don’t Bother Me

Whenever I have a bit of spare time, I check the Bitcoin Era app to see how the bitcoin prices are doing. I’ve bought a bit of bitcoin over the years and have been able to make a decent profit from it. Since one of my friends had a birthday, I decided to use some of my bitcoin money to buy a gift for them. I was faced with a bit of a problem of figuring out what to get for my friend. I’ve gotten pretty much everything imaginable for him, from watches to technology to sports memorabilia.

I remembered that there was a service where people could pay for their favorite celebrities to send a video message to anyone. Continue reading

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